How We’re Doing 1% Better

One percent. For many this is an insignificant amount that is usually attributed to the smallest or the least significant part. But what if that 1% could mean something more? What if 1% could make all the difference? What if we all put together 1% and made something out of what some people consider to be nothing. This is what 1% for the Planet does.

1% for the Planet has created a diverse network of members who all share a similar mission. Giving back to the planet that they have taken from. The core of 1% for the Planet involves giving 1% of all sales to a nonprofit of the business’s choice. The best thing about this is that it not only encourages companies to donate more to nonprofit organizations that are working to better the planet, but also encourages relationship building between those groups.

At Produce Mate, joining 1% for the Planet was a no brainer. Our philosophies immediately aligned, letting us know that we would have to become a member. Some of the main philosophies that aligned were:

  • Progress not perfection
  • People, planet, product
  • Partnerships

All of our goals that we created to address the issue of food waste immediately align with the goals of 1% for the Planet. Partnerships are the key to all of this, and the work that companies and nonprofits can do together is nothing short of amazing.

For our partner, at least in 2020, we decided to donate to the Portland Fruit Tree Project. Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) is not only a nonprofit whose work closely aligns with our goal, but one who is also local and close to us in Portland, allowing for the opportunity to work together to make meaningful change. PFTP works in the greater Portland area where they provide assistance with maintaining, harvesting, and transporting fruit from fruit trees. In general, they focus on gleaning, a process of collecting the fruit that would otherwise be wasted. Portland has an abundance of fruit trees in yards and along streets that allows for access to fresh free produce. This is very beneficial for those who may not typically have this access or luxury of getting fresh produce. One of our favorite parts of PFTP is that they are not only working to help people out in the community, but they are also working to eliminate food waste.

Here at Produce Mate, we strongly believe that we need to reduce food waste in every way possible. This means that the work that 1% for the Planet and PFTP are doing is essential to addressing the problem. We also know that there is not 1 overall solution to climate change and the other array of issues we are facing today, but by working together and all pitching in at least 1%, we can work to solve our issues with a variety of solutions.

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