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We're coming to
kickstarter on March 4th!

Produce Mate is committed to fighting food waste and to giving back to the planet.

We're working to build a community of like-minded people.
Join us in our mission and be the first to know when we launch: 

Support our Kickstarter
in early 2020

why sign up?

At Produce Mate, we're obsessed with food waste and the impact it has on the planet.
Our mat saves the average family $300 and
keeps up to 50 pounds of food per person out of landfills every year

We're a grass-roots start-up with big dreams, and we need your help to achieve them.
Together we can have a huge impact on reducing household food waste.

We won't sell your data or bombard you with boring ads. 
You'll be notified when our Kickstarter launches and
will receive periodical updates about our progress! 

Thank you so much for your support!
-Produce Mate 

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Support our Kickstarter on March 4!

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