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TWO Wins at 100k Venture Comp

We participated in the University of Portland Franz Center for Entrepreneurship annual 100k Challenge Venture Competition and took 2nd place - twice!


Dagan is currently a student at the Univeristy of Portland involved with a program called Entrepreneurship Scholars. Part That program has been instrumental in bringing Produce Mate to the point it's at now. At the end of the program, all of the student entrepreneurs on campus are invited to give a 6 minute presentation to a panel of esteemed judges (many of who were E-Scholars themselves!) and answer a short round of questioning.

After this preliminary round, we move to the finals, where they present again to a new set of judges.

Participants choose to run in several different categories, in our case we ran the Business Route and the Invention Route:

Business Route

We took second place!

Invention Route

We took second place, advancing us on to the InventOR statewide competition later this summer.

What's Next?

Our 2nd place victory in the invention category means that we've been invited to participate in PSU's InventOR competition!

Lots more to come about InventOR in the near future.

Until then!


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