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Winning InventOR

After advancing through the 100K venture challenge, we were invited to participate in the state-wide invention competition Invent Oregon.

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Through the program, we received a lot of valuable mentorship and education. We were awarded $2,500 in development grants that helped us take Produce Mate from idea to a working prototype and on to a full fledged product.

We traveled to Klamath Falls Oregon on the big day, set up a booth, and gave our pitch in front of a packed audience. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by and to be working with so many young, ambitious entrepreneurs. InventOR truly brought the best minds in Oregon together.

We were excited and stunned when we won the "Best Pitch" award, an oversized check and quite the photo op!

After a few minutes and a few other awards had been given out, the crowd settled in to hear which company would be crowned as the overall winner - Produce Mate! Truly an unforgettable moment.

So much hard work and dedication went into this program. From the people who made it happen, to all the in-depth lessons, to all of the hardworking students giving it their all, we were absolutely thrilled and so humbled to have been selected the first place winner out of such a competitive and bright group.

We walked away with enough prize money to help make Produce Mate a reality. It was truly a life changing experience. If you'd like to read a bit more, here's an article written about us!

Thanks to everyone involved, and here's to the many new friendships forged.

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