Produce Mate and TedX: Optimism about Climate Change

Life has changed a lot this past year. Now we go to school in our bedrooms, wear masks in public, and social distance from friends and family. Even though we’re living through isolating times, some people have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to explore new topics; building businesses, going on adventures, partaking in life-changing research, and so much more. This is the message for the upcoming TedX event MEANWHILE hosted by the University of Washington. Among the 10 presenters is our own CEO, Dagan Kay. His talk titled “Surplus Food: Why I’m an Optimist About Climate Change” will explore food waste and its power as a solution to climate change.

The event will be on Saturday April 17th from 10am-2pm. Registration is free and can be found at this link here. You can also find the event on Facebook here. Make sure to join us for this wonderful event and to support our wonderful team here at Produce Mate.

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