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What is it?

Produce Mate is a silicone kitchen mat that extends the life of fruits and vegetables by up to 40% 


How do I use it?
Place one in the refridgerator crisper drawer or on the counter top. Then, place fruits and vegetables on top of the mat and it will take care of the rest! 


What's it made of?
Produce Mate is made of silicone and is infused with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that work behind the scenes to fight the microorganisms and bacteria responsible for premature spoilage. Everything in Produce Mate is 100% non-toxic and food-safe.


How does it work?

Produce Mate is the world's first antimicrobial kitchen mat designed to slow bacteria growth in it's tracks, resulting in less spoilage and mold, and longer shelf life for your produce at home. 


How long will it last?

Our ingredients degradate at a rate of roughly 2.5% per year. You can expect years of use out of your Produce Mate! 


Have any more questions? Please read about us and check out our FAQ before buying! 
(seriously, we're doing cool things)

Produce Mate

  • Not happy with your Produce Mate in any way? 
    We'll refund your money and/or send you a new one! 

    Visit this page to learn more: Make a Return

  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water as often as necessary. Note that a dirty surface will not impede the function in any way whatsoever.  

    We do not recommend putting your Produce Mate in the dishwasher, running it through a carwash, or tossing it in with your laundry. Just use a little soap and a little elbow grease! 

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